The New Process/Procedures for Prospective and New Students….

  • For prospective and new students, we are suspending our walk-in’s and trial classes in order to better control the sanitary environment within our dance studio.Also, we are continuing our Spring classes through the Summer months, as we are still preparing for our recital.New students are welcome to join the studio, but our classes are limited in size in order to maintain safe social distancing.Please contact us in order to find out if a class you would like to take has room for new students.For what would normally be our Summer semester, we are waiving the Registration fee for new students, but tuition remains the same to attend classes.If a new student wishes to enroll in a class that has room, we will need a registration form and waiver completed and signed prior to a dancer participating in class. Our Fall semester will begin in August, and if a new dancer who enrolls in the Summer continues with class(es) in the Fall, then the Registration fee would become due in August.


  • If anyone within your household, including your dancer, is ill or showing symptoms of the Coronavirus, please do not send your dancer to the studio.


  • If your dancer, or anyone in your household tests positive for the Coronavirus, please contact us immediately so that we can take the proper steps to notify families that might be affected.


  • For those who normally make payments in person at the studio, we need for parents call us to make payment over the phone, or to arrange a time for a parent to come in outside of normal class hours.


  • Until further notice, only dancers, instructors and designated staff members will be allowed to enter the studio during regular class hours.


  • We highly recommend that all dancers arrive on time for their classes, if not a few minutes early. Also, we recommend that all dancers have eaten and used the restroom prior to arriving if possible.


  • Class sizes are being limited to facilitate social distancing. If you plan to bring your dancer to the studio, and receive a signed consent form to assist us in ensuring social distancing. If necessary, we may have to split some classes into a couple of sessions.If you do not notify us in advance that you are bringing your dancer, and there is not room in the classroom for them to participate, your dancer will not be able to join the class at that time.


  • For those wishing to delay their return to the studio, all classes will continue to be available online. This will allow dancers to continue with their classes until they are ready to return to the studio.


  • If any dancer starts to feel ill at any time, they will be released to their parent or guardian immediately. We will designate our break room as an isolation space if the parent or guardian is not immediately available. Please make sure you are available to pick up your dancer as quickly as possible if necessary.


  • Dancers must be dressed in the proper dance wear upon arrival at the studio. Cover-ups may be worn over leotards. Hair must be pulled back in bun for Ballet or high pony tail for other classes.


  • Parents or guardians may accompany their dancer to the sidewalk near the front door. Once there, “masks are required on” for parent or guardian and dancer.


  • We require that proper social distancing begin from that point on. Dancers, parents or guardians and Cynergy staff are not to physically contact each other (hug, high five, etc.).


  • Once dancers are on the sidewalk, we will have cones set up to guide the dancers to the door.Once at the door, a member of the Cynergy staff will check the dancer’s temperature before they are allowed entry into the studio lobby one at a time.The same will be done for staff members and instructors.


  • Dancers must bring a dance bag of any kind and must have their full name and parent/guardian contact phone number on the outside of the bag (contact information needs to correspond to parent/guardian dropping off and picking up that day). This dance bag must contain appropriate dance shoes, a labeled water bottle, a personal hand sanitizer (prefer it be attached to the outside of their bag if possible), a hand towel in case of perspiration or for ballet barre use, a yoga mat or towel for floor stretching exercises, and some kind of hair accessory kit (just in case they are needed). For dancers who will be dancing for more than one class, it is recommended that a healthy snack be packed.


  • Upon entry into the studio lobby, dancers will be asked to remove their street shoes and coverups and place them in their bag (preferred shoes would be sandals or slides for quick removal). Dancers will be given hand sanitizer as they enter the classroom.


  • Once inside the classroom, each dancer will have a designated location for their bag to be placed, and a designated spot on the floor for the class. All dancers and the instructor will remain 6 feet apart during class. Any dancer who does not follow proper social distancing rules will be released to their parent or guardian immediately.


  • Due to possible respiratory issues during physical exertion, we are not requiring masks to be worn over the nose and mouth while a dancer is actively engaged. Masks must stay on the dancer’s person at all times (cannot be placed on the floor or in their bag), and must be placed back over the nose and mouth if there is a class break, idle time, if exiting the dance room or if going to the restroom. If you prefer to require that your dancer wear their mask over their nose and mouth during dance activities, please let us know so that we can inform the instructor.When an instructor tells the dancers it is okay to take the mask off from their nose and mouth, any dancer can let the instructor know that you do not want them to do this, and the dancer can keep their mask over their nose and mouth. If a dancer requires assistance to go to the restroom, one parent or guardian will be allowed to enter the studio to assist them. They will be required to wear a mask, be screened for temperature, given hand sanitizer and required to place protective booties over their shoes.


  • When class is dismissed, dancers will take their dance shoes off and place them in their bag before exiting the classroom. Once in the lobby, they will put their street shoes and cover-ups back on. They will be given hand sanitizer and be released to their parents one at a time.


Dancers who have multiple classes:

  • If your dance class is in the same room, you will remain in the classroom with your mask on until your next class begins.Any dancers who have their next class in another room, or have a break between classes, will leave their classroom as described previously and proceed to a designated spot in the lobby until their next class begins. When entering their next class, they will receive hand sanitizer and begin the entry process again.


Restroom breaks:

  • If or when a dancer needs to access the restroom, and is not in class in the back classroom, the dancer must knock on the back dance room door so that the instructor can pause their class and allow the dancer access to the room.The dancer will proceed directly to the restroom.After use of the restroom, dancers must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds and properly dry them.When exiting the restroom, the dancer will wait at the edge of the dance floor.The instructor in the dance room will ask if hands were washed, and if so, allow the dancer to exit the room.The dancer will return immediately to their class.


Snack or food break:

  • If a dancer has a break between multiple classes, and wants to eat a snack they brought or a meal that the parent or guardian has brought for them, we will provide an area outside the front door of the studio for dancers to take their break.Upon completion of their break, the dancer will dispose of their trash in a trash can and get in line by the cones to re-enter the studio.



Time to sanitize:

  • We have purchased 4 Air Purifier units that cover 360 square feet each.They will be placed in the 3 dance rooms and the lobby in order to further clean the air within the studio. Our air return filters are now at a 2200 microparticle performance level.


  • Dance rooms – all touched surfaces including ballet barres, mirrors, door knobs (both sides of door) will be sanitized after each class.


  • Restroom – to be sanitized between classes based upon the schedule in the back dance room.


  • Hallway and lobby – all touched surfaces will be cleaned regularly during classes.


  • Studio – all areas of the studio will be sanitized at the end of each night.


Additional items:

  • The Spring class schedules continue into Summer for those still participating in recital. Class times will remain the same through July 31st.Changes in the schedule will only occur if we are forced to close a class. Any possible change will be discussed with parents and instructors prior to making a change.We are targeting for the Fall semester to begin at the beginning of August…probably the 10th.


  • Costumes: We have received about 70%.. We are waiting for the others to arrive.Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, costume companies have been delayed in production and delivery.


  • Venue: We are still in the process of discussing the availability of the venue.


  • Participation: If you choose not to participate, we will completely understand, and will deliver your costume to you. For those who do wish to participate in recital, they will receive a participation award and a gift from the studio.


  • Attendance: At this time, we plan to limit attendance to the tickets received with payment of the recital fee.Due to the uncertainty, we may not be able to allow additional guests, but we will work to offset that by either allowing personal videos be taken and/or live-stream.


  • Alternative: If participation is too small to hold the event, we will work to offer a Fall Showcase that will utilize the previously paid recital fee and costume fee(s).






COVID-19 Cynergy Dance Company Screening and Consent Form

I, _____________________________________, knowingly and willingly consent to have my child participate in programs with Cynergy Dance Company during the global COVID-19 pandemic. I understand the COVID-19 virus has a long incubation period during which carriers of the virus may not show symptoms and still be contagious. It is impossible to determine who has it and who does not with the current limits in virus testing.

I confirm that my child and members of my household have not, in the past 14 days had any of the following symptoms of COVID-19 listed below:

• Fever
• Shortness of breath
• Cough or any flu like symptoms including GI upset, headache, fatigue
• Runny nose
• Sore throat
• Recent loss of taste or smell

I understand that certain travel may increases risk of contracting and transmitting the COVID-19 virus. In addition, the CDC recommends social distancing of at least 6-feet for a period of 14 days to anyone who has traveled to potentially affected areas of COVID-19. Therefore,
I verify that my child, nor anyone in my household, have not traveled outside the United States in the past 14-days to countries that have been affected by COVID-19. I verify that I, nor anyone in my household, have not traveled outside of Texas in the past 14 days to any of the following states: New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland.

I will hold harmless and indemnify, Cynergy Dance Company and its employees against any claims, and actions, in exchange for programs with Cynergy Dance Company during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Please be advised that there may be risks in being in the proximity of other people. We are taking many precautions to limit the spread of disease, yet there is still a possibility of transmission.

I make this decision for my child of my own free will relying upon my knowledge and judgment of possible transmission of COVID-19 during participation in programs. I understand that this action is my decision. Accordingly, this agreement is not an admission of any liability regarding Cynergy Dance Company and its employees. I have carefully read this release and understand its contents, and I am signing it of my own free act.

PLEASE do not send your child to the studio if they are sick.  This COVID-19 screening and consent to participate will be used each day programs are held. Please know that for future classes and programs, this written consent form will be in effect, and your consent plus negative COVID-19 screening will be evidenced by sending your child to the program.  If your child or someone in the home has any of the symptoms above, please do NOT send your child to studio.

If you send your child to the studio, you are consenting to this form, and stating your child and any members of the home are negative for all of the COVID-19 symptoms stated above.


Signature: ___________________________ Date: ___________


Child’s Name _____________________