Please come to class prepared to learns

Students and teachers must adhere to dress code standards. Instructors may dismiss a student from class who is not dressed in proper attire.

Students arriving late to class must wait for the instructor's permission to enter the classroom.

Smile and bring a positive attitude to class.


Pay attention to instruction.


Do not talk when instructor is teaching.


Listen and follow directions without interrupting.


Respect your classmates and instructors.

Take all corrections constructively and apply corrections as needed.

Cynergy Dance does not tolerate bullying and will not hesitate to dismiss a student who demonstrates

such behavior


Be kind to your classmates. Displays of temper and rudeness are unacceptable. Absolutely NO GOSSIP!


Be courteous to students learning while you are waiting for your class to begin.


If you become disruptive and/or do not choose to participate in class instruction, you will be asked to sit down and observe quietly.


Strive to be the best always and choose to say, “I will try”. This will help you to achieve more. Saying, “I can’t”, anchors your possibilities


There is no chewing gum in class.


Food and drinks are not allowed in class rooms. .


No jewelry (expect for stud earrings)

Studio break room is the only room that may be used to hold food items. No hot meals or open containers allowed in the dance studio lobby area.

Parents are not allowed in classrooms unless the instructors invites them in.

Items left at studio will be kept in the lost and found area. If items are not picked up in a timely manner, they will be donated.

Have fun while in class!

Young Ballet Class