*Schedule subject to change at any time based on class demand.

Dance Class Schedule
Summer 2013 Semester
Student Policy

Information and
Tuition Payment
Agreement Form
will be handed
out at time
of registration.

Policy must be
signed by student
and/or parent
to ensure understanding of studio
rules & guidelines and
liability policy.
Registration  Fee: $25

Paid at time of
enrollment or every September for
current students.

***Tuition payments
and/or registration payments
received are
non-refundable. ****

Students are
encouraged make-up up missed
within one week.
Studio Location: 2250 Thousand Oaks, Ste 110   San Antonio, Texas  
Tuition Policy

Monthly Dance
is paid on the
1st day of each month during each
(Fall, Spring, Summer).

Monthly tuition
hours of class taken
per week.  

Tuition Schedule
for class rates.
Inquire within regarding tuition for
additional hours taken.
Enter starting street address:

City, State or Zipcode:
Pre-School Children 3-4 years:  Pre-Ballet & Tap
Students Ages 4-6 years :  Ballet , Tap or  Jazz Basics
Students Ages 6 & Up  with no previous dance experience:  Basics /Beginner Level
Students with 2-3 Years of dance : Beginner Level/Intermediate
Students with 3-4 years of dance: Beginner/Intermediate Level
Students with >4 years of dance:  Intermediate/Advance  Level (Instructor review required)
Students with >5 years of dance: Advanced Level (Instructor review required)
Instructors will determine class placement based on students dance
Experience and skill level.
All Dance Team Classes are for dance team members only!!**