"We have an amazing and talented team of
dance instructors and a friendly and personable
dance studio!  

Our mission is to provide quality dance instruction
focused on improving
skill and technique
100% of the time,
instill self-confidence,
make a positive impact to every student, and
provide an enjoyable and memorable
dance experience."
~ Owner, Cynthia Plumas ~

    3-6 years

    This introductory class for beginner dancers teaches the basics of ballet and tap dance skills. Students will learn
    proper ballet placement, stretching, balance in form. Basic tap instruction will focus on rhythm, counting music
    as well as improve movement and coordination.

    Ballet Level 1 Beginner                                                                     
    7 years & up

    Ballet is the foundation for all dance training. Although this class is not required, it is highly recommended for
    all students prior to taking other dance classes. Students will learn beginner level classical elements, proper alignment of the body, strength, flexibility, vocabulary,
    proper technique and grace. Ballet dress code is enforced. Classes offered for beginner, intermediate and advance ballet students.  Instructor will determine eligibility for
    Ballet II class based on previous dance experience and demonstrated skill level.  Ballet dress code is enforced: Black leotard, ballet pink tights, split sole pink ballet
    shoes, hair pulled-up in tight bun.

    Ballet Level 1I                                                                                 
    8 year & up

    Ballet is the foundation for all dance training. Students taking the Ballet II Class will have mastered the entry level ballet class and take a minimum of two hours of class
    per week. Students will continue learning classical elements, proper alignment of the body, strength, flexibility, vocabulary, proper technique and grace. Ballet dress code
    is enforced. Classes offered for students with at least two years of previous dance experience in Beginning and Level 1 Ballet Class.  Students eligibility for this class will
    be determined by skill level, previous experience, agility, and dance technique.  Ballet dress code is enforced. Black leotard, ballet pink tights, split sole pink ballet shoes,
    hair pulled-up in tight bun.

    5 years & up

    Jazz is offered to beginning, intermediate and advanced students. It is one of the most popular forms of fast-paced and energetic dance. Jazz dance techniques include
    ballet and rhythmic movements that include various forms of dance styles.  Students will learn various creative dance combinations and routines that will improve
    flexibility, agility, endurance and proper leaps and turns technique. Intermediate and advanced level classes will be more complex and help to enhance technique,
    alignment, flexibility using more challenging choreography.

    5 years & up

    Tap dance is a fun and energetic style of dance. Students will become familiar with tap vocabulary and basic techniques that will improve rhythm, musicality and
    coordination. Tap dance combinations and choreography learned will help to improve endurance and fast-paced movement.

    Hip Hop                                                                                     
    6 years & up

    This class is offered to beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers looking for a fun, energetic, challenging and fast past dance instruction. Hip Hop combines jazz
    and funk dance techniques. The choreography is trendy and popular around the globe. It is often seen in music videos, dance shows and at various dance competitions.

    Precision Leaps & Turns                                                                 
    13 years & up

    This class prepares high school and college students for dance team tryouts. Skills learned include basic and intermediate leaps and turns. Ballet skills, proper
    placement, turnout and other techniques are emphasized to improve coordination and precision. This class is offered to beginning and intermediate dance students.

    Competitive Teams                                                                         
    7 -18 years

    Competitive Dance Team (Jr. Dance Team & Advanced Dance Team) is offered to students ages 6-18.  Students will focus on improving dance skill and technique as
    well as build teamwork, showmanship and confidence. Competitive dance teams compete in at least two competitions throughout the year and also perform at festivals
    and other public events. Dance techniques required for dance teams include a combination of ballet, jazz, hip-hop and lyrical dance instruction. Pre-Ballet classes must
    be taken in addition to the dance team class to be eligible for competitive dance team. Tryouts may be required to participate in the dance team. Previous dance
    experience is required and may determine eligibility for the junior or advanced dance team.

    Salsa Dance                                                                                
    15 years & up

    This class is available to beginning dance students looking to learn how to dance Salsa. Derived from dance styles coming from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Latin America,
    Salsa dance has become very popular around the world and is now one of the hottest dance trends. Students will learn basic Salsa steps, trendy hip movements and
    fluid dance combinations. Dance partners are preferred, but not required for this class. Students will have fun while moving to a fast pace and energetic music beat while
    learning the latest Salsa moves, dance techniques and tricks.

    Lyrical Dance                                                                                
    7 years & up

    This class is available to intermediate and advanced students.  Lyrical modern dance emphasizes emotional expressiveness. Students use an interpretive style of
    dance that combines ballet and jazz techniques to enhance balance, extension, flexibility and grace.


    12 yrs & up
    Modern Dance
    You will be introduced to a free form style of contemporary dance that allows you to freely express your emotions and inner feelings. The class will focus on creative
    movement, improvisation and versatility of combined dance genres which will be used to enhance various elements of dance.

    Cardio Dance Fitness                                                                             
    15 years & up

    Cardio salsa, jazz and hip hop classes are offered to beginner students wishing to learn basic dance skills in an energetic and cardiovascular workout. Students will
    begin each class with a 15 minute stretch using yoga and Pilate techniques that will strengthen and tone muscles.  Students will also endure 40 minutes of continuous
    and vigorous dance combinations that which will help build endurance and burn calories. Each class will end with a 5 minute cool down and leave students feeling
    rejuvenated and increase endorphins that leave bodies feeling euphoric and relaxed.  This class is popular for women and men of all ages and was also featured in a
    November 2007 issue of the San Antonio Express News- Connexion Magazine.    

    Belly Dance                                                                    
    13 years & up

    Learn the mysterious and alluring art of Egyptian Belly dance. Women of all shapes and sizes will enjoy learning basic steps and movements of Egyptian Belly Dance
    while improving their confidence and body image as well as strengthening the mid-section. Form fitted clothing and bare feet are recommended attire for belly dance.
    Please bring a long scarf to wear around your hips and prepare to have fun!

    Folklorico Dance
    5 years & up

    Mexican Folklorico Dance provides of a mix of culturally rich folk dances representing several regions of Mexico. Students will learn a variety of regional dances which
    include Chiapas, Jalisco, Norteno and many others. The dance movement and footwork learned is detailed and intricate and imitates dance genres including ballet,
    polka and waltz influences. Costumes worn during performances are colorful and each represent the traditional customs of each state represented.  Students will enjoy
    the instruction provided by an award winning instructor who expresses a deep appreciation for the art of traditional Mexican Folklorico Dance.

 Pre-Pointe (NEW CLASS by Sharon Detweiler)
 12 yrs+

Dance Class Description
Studio Location: 2250 Thousand Oaks, Ste 110   San Antonio,
Texas  78232
There are a variety of factors that must be taken into consideration before a dancer begins training en Pointe. Age, years of classical ballet study, number of classes
per week, physical strength, and kinesthetic awareness (a sensory skill that your body uses to know where it is in space) must be assessed before a dancer may
be allowed to begin pointe work. per  week for a minimum of two years (usualy longer), and have sufficient core, ankle and foot strength and the ability to engage
and hold their turnout without sickling to allow for safe work en pointe.  

A great way to prepare for pointe is to take extra ballet classes. Pre-pointe class is also incredibly beneficial to the aspiring pointe dancer. In addition to traditional
ballet exercises, specific core, foot, and ankle conditioning exercises are practiced in this class.

Dancers wishing to train en Pointe will be given an assessment which will include releves in all positions, sustatined balances in retire and arabesque, grand
plies in 1st, 2nd and 5th positions, and foot articulation mastery demonstration. All components of this assessment will be practiced in pre-pointe class and
dancers should practice these often. Each dancer will be placed on pointe when they are ready- not en masse- for the safety of each individual.